Ferrari 275 GTS S/N 07325 1965

Ferrari 07325

Ferrari 275 GTS
S/N 07325


3 Vintage 1965 Photos of Ferrari 275 GTS S/N 07325 at St Tropez


3 Vintage 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS Photos - St. Tropez.

This is a set of 3 vintage 1965 photos of a Ferrari 275 GTS, taken in 1965 during what looks to be a "Roman Holiday" in the Mediterranean area, either in Italy or in France (most probably France, see below).

The car is registered "MI A59580" which indicates that this S/N 07325 which at the time was owned by a Mr. Angelo Terruzzi of Milano, Italy.

The car now seems to reside in a collection in Italy.

The pictures show some clues to where they could have been taken exactly...

One of the photos in front of the large white building shows a balding mustachioed gentleman in wheelchair, accompanied by a nurse in the background which could hint a hospital or clinic.

The photo in the marina shows an advertising sign for the "Nuits Musicales de St-Tropez" hinting at the exact location... the marina of Saint Tropez on the French Riviera. Famous pianist Samson Francois will be performing...

The photos show no further clues, also not to the photographer but given the setting, it is most likely that they were taken by Mr Terruzzi himself.

Each photo measures some 7 x 5 inches (17.5 x 13 cm) and is glossy black & white.

These are vintage prints, i.e. printed shortly after the original images were captured on film.

Only 1 set available.