Ferrari 250 LM S/N 5901 1964

Ferrari 5901

Ferrari 250 LM
S/N 5901


1964 Bill of sale bill of lading etc on Ferrari 250LM S/N 5901

1964 Bill of sale bill of lading etc on Ferrari 250LM S/N 5901

This is a set of documents pertaining to # 5901 Ferrari 250LM.

The set consists of the following documents:

Bill of sale (invoice) from SEFAC Ferrari to Luigi Chinetti Motors Inc, dated November 14, 1964. The invoice specifies the car as follows:

"FERRARI" 250 Le Mans automobile, bodied Competition Berlinetta, complete with five wire wheels and tires, set of tools - ENGINE No 5901 CHASSIS No 5901
Color: China Red
Upholstery: Blue

F.O.B. Genoa
Including a crate with 4 sprare wheels
Including a carton with spare parts such as valves, valve springs, gaskets etc.

The prices have been erased probably because this invoice has been "living" with the car for quite a while and somebody didn't want everybody to know what Chinetti paid for the car to Ferrari.

It is stamped "Copia", a long declaration + "SEFAC S.p.a." and carries a signature. It comes on original Ferrari invoice letterhead.

The second document is the original bill of lading for this car.

It is dated November 16, 1964 and shows that the car traveled on the "Maria Costa" to New York. Pier of loading was Leghorn. The car weighed in at 950 KGS, the crate was 34 KGS and the carton with spare parts was 10 KGS.

It is stamped in red "ORIGINAL".

The third document is the shipping notice from SEFAC to Luigi Chinetti Motors.

It comes on SEFAC letterhead, is dated November 20, 1964 and advises Chinetti that car # 5901 has been shipped from Livorno on the M/N Maria Costa on November 20, 1964 and that it concerns the "Ferrari tipo 250/LM telaio No 5901".

Has handwritten "5901" in black fountain pen ink on it, purple stamp "No 35790", purple "SEFAC S.p.A." stamp and is signed in blue fountain pen ink.

The fourth document is the original "Vehicle invoice" from "Kirk F. White Motorcars Inc." in Philadelphia, PA to William (Bill) B Rearden Jr. in Villanova, PA.

It is dated June 29, 1970 and shows that Bill Rearden paid $ 16,500.00 for the car and traded in his Ferrari 330P S/N 0822 for $ 12,000.00.

The invoice carrier number "0333) and has a handwritten note from Kirk White on it that says "Addl $ 10.00 Tag Fee Paid K.W.".

The fifth items is a set of period Xexox copies of the SEFAC invoice, the shipping notice, the Kirk White invoice plus another small Xerox copy on pinkish paper that lists a number of the owners:

Raymond J. Augusterfer from Philadelphia, PA
George Arents from Warren, Vermont
Luigi Chinetti Motors Inc.
Walter G. Young

After Walter Young, the car went to Kirk White who sold it to Bill Rearden.

This last document lists the car as being a "275 LM" but does mention the correct chassis number "5901".

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1964 Bill of sale bill of lading etc on Ferrari 250LM S/N 5901