Ferrari 246 SP / 196 SP Fantuzzi Spyder S/N 0790 1961

Ferrari 0790

Ferrari 246 SP / 196 SP Fantuzzi Spyder
S/N 0790


Vintage 1964 Photo of Ferrari 196 SP S/N 0790, Targa Florio


Vintage 1964 Photo of the Ferrari 196 SP of Leandro Terra.

This is a vintage 1964 photo of the 196SP, S/N 0790, during the training day for the 1964 Targa Florio. Terra would partne up with Cesare Toppetti but unfortunately, the pair only managed 5 laps and dropped out of the race.

This is a vintage print, i.e. printed shortly after the original image was captured on film.

The car, S/N 0790, was bought by Terra in January 1964 and after a mere 4 races the car was stored until 2002. It now seems to reside in Germany.

The photo measures some 6 x 4 inches or 15 x 10 cm and is in excellent condition. The back carries NO photographer's stamp.

Only 1 available.

Vintage Original 1961 Le Mans Flyer

Vintage Original 1961 Le Mans Flyer

Vintage 1961 Le Mans Handbill / Flyer.

These flyers were handed out at the race to spectators to show them around the track.

Very scarce as most of them were tossed away after the race or disappeared into the mists of time.

The cover matches the image of the 1961 race poster which is after a color illustration which was part of the so-called "Major Illustrators" era in Le Mans posters which lasted from 1954 - 1963 and in which the cream of the crop of French motorsport illustrators such as Geo Ham, Jeudon and Michel Beligond were hired for the design of the race posters.

The poster shows a fantastic image, by Michel Beligond, of the # 12 Ferrari 250 TRI/60 powering its way out of the Esses and heading towards Tertre Rouge during the previous edition in 1960.

The combination of warm colors represents the arrival of dusk, highlighting the red Ferrari in the center of the poster. This year, 1961, the race was part of the Sports Car World Championship.

Mint condition.

It measures 5.4 x 8.4 inches and unfolds to 21.6 x 8.4 inches.

The race was won by Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien in their Ferrari 250 TRI/61 (S/N 0794TR) with a total of 333 laps to their name.

For the full results of this race, please see 24 Heures du Mans results 1961.

Vintage Original 1961 Le Mans Flyer